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Anyone who knows me, knows I adore stationery of all kinds. Although my iPhone is attached to my hand at all times and has its place for organisation, I love writing things down- predominantly lists- and there’s nothing quite like a good notepad to jot down my to-do list on. It helps me clear my head of all the clutter that my daily tasks tend to create, and when I can physically cross things off my list it gives me a real sense of achievement. As it’s National Stationery Week, Phoenix Trading offered to send me a selection of their products to try out, and when I saw that their range included some beautiful organisers and jotter pads, I jumped at the chance because I might have a teensy-weensy stationery addiction and I’m always happy to add to my collection. View Full Post

Hello lovelies!

It’s so weird getting back into this posting every day thing- I feel like I’m always writing up posts at the moment! But it’s all in aid of getting my favourite stationery out there and just generally gabbing about all things paper (and pens, cards, folders), so it is most definitely a worthy cause. Today is Notebook day, so as well as sharing my favourite notebook picks with you all, I thought I’d give 10 Reasons to Love Notebooks this #NatStatWeek and… well, forever.

Notebooks Title
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