Hello my fellow foodies!

Ahhh, despite my undying love of stationery, it does feel good to be writing about something else for a change! Back to my biggest love- food. April was dominated by recipes I’ve found from other bloggers and saved to my ‘Recipe’ collection on Bloglovin (genius), as I feel like I’ve exhausted Pinterest for a while. Let’s see what I’ve been gracing my kitchen with lately…


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Hi everyone!

I wanted to post this on the last day of February, but had an incredibly busy weekend so here I am on the 2nd March! At the start of January, I set myself a challenge to cook a new recipe for every evening meal to discover some new favourites and extend my repertoire from my standard recipes. You can have a look at how I got on here. In February I wanted to continue cooking new recipes for me and George to try, so despite revisiting some of my favourites from January, I have also tried and tested more new meals. View Full Post

Hello everyone! Congratulations on making it through January, it’s been a tough one as everyone I know seems to have been ill this month, myself included, but I hope you’re all looking forward to February and to spring making an appearance very soon :)

I haven’t really mentioned this before but I LOVE cooking! I have always loved food, but since moving in with George- a year ago today!- I have gained a real passion for cooking, as I never like to use processed sauces or stick-in-the-oven food wherever possible. So, at the start of January I set myself a challenge- to cook a new recipe for every evening meal for the whole month. Being in a bit of a non-routine from waitressing, interning, and optical assistant-ing meant that I was cooking the same things, or not really cooking much at all if I was working that night. I wanted to find some new favourites through doing this little experiment, so that I can expand my cooking repertoire for the future, and I am pleased to say it has worked! View Full Post