Lunchtime Budget Haul #5: Skincare

L'oreal skin perfection review micellar

Happy Friday everyone!

This week had been a good one for me, until I developed a cold on Wednesday and felt horrendous yesterday and today- typical! I think I caught a chill from walking to work the other morning, which serves me right for trying to be healthy as I actually felt pretty good about it at the time. Anyway, on to the usual Friday topic- my budget haul for this week- let’s talk skincare…

I have been on the market for a new cleanser for a while, as I wasn’t very happy with my Nivea Micellar Water that I bought to try out a while ago. Whilst it lasted well, I was a bit underwhelmed as it didn’t perform anywhere near as well as Garnier’s Micellar Water which I bought a year ago and absolutely loved, plus if you can get it on offer it’s a great price for such a large bottle. Nivea’s offering is nowhere near as good value for money, as you get half the product for near enough the same price. Anyway, I wanted to try something new and, as the Garnier Micellar Water was sold out on my shopping trip to Leeds last weekend, I looked to Asda to help me out!

I noticed they had a skin and bodycare event on last week, and was tempted to buy some things then, but resisted as I was waiting for payday! I went back this week in hope that the L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Micellar Water was still on offer at £2.50 rather than the usual £5 price tag, and luck for me it was (and still is- you can get it here). As you can probably tell from my previous mentions, I’m obsessed with micellar water as it’s great to remove makeup from my sensitive skin, and I like a multi-tasker that can remove my eye makeup as well (because I’m super lazy!) I’ve heard great things about the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water which this is supposedly a dupe for, so thought I’d try this version as it’s easier to get hold of (and really cheap at the moment!)

L'oreal skin perfection review micellar cream wash

I had heard about the benefits of double-cleansing from the likes of Tanya Burr and other beauty bloggers, but always felt too lazy to do it because I don’t wear a huge amount of makeup anyway. However, since I’ve started experimenting with adding powder, highlighter and bronzer to my makeup the past few weeks, I thought I should start taking better care of my skin. I’m not prone to breakouts as such, but I’ll get one really bad spot that I start fiddling with, and before I know it there’s a mini constellation appearing on my forehead/nose/chin, so I’ve never taken advantage of having good skin and always, always, always take all my makeup off before bed.

I saw there was also the L’Oreal Skin Perfection Soothing Gel Cream Wash on offer at £2.50 too, thought ‘Wouldn’t this make a great addition to my £5 budget beauty haul?’ and the deal was done. I find this so easy to use in the shower on a morning and to remove most of my makeup before wiping the rest off with the micellar water at night, plus the texture is exactly as it says- a gel/cream that feels soothing and gentle on my horrible, thirsty, eczema-prone winter skin.

The micellar water isn’t drying like I felt with the Nivea one, and it dissolves my eye makeup very quickly compared to that one as well. I’m normally impatient when it comes to removing makeup, so the fact you can hold the cotton pad soaked in this product over your eye and wipe all the mascara away in around 30 seconds makes it the perfect match for me. I also feel like the gel cream wash has a cushioning effect on my skin, so it’s not stripping anything away, and keeps it lovely and hydrated. My forehead in particular has been unbearably dry this winter- worse than ever before- but this feels like it’s doing some good and not making it tight and uncomfortable.

L'oreal skin perfection review-1

How cute is the little owl facecloth pictured with these? It was one of those ‘magic flannels’ (remember those, 90’s kids?) where it comes in a compact packet, but when you add it to water it ‘magically’ grows into a full-size facecloth. My mum got me it for Christmas and I only just started using it, I had a great time reliving my childhood watching it grow in the water, although it wasn’t quite as exciting as I remembered!

There we are- another great find for exactly £5! I can’t believe I got both these coveted products for the price of one, so if you’re considering them get yourself to Asda or shop online before the offer ends. I haven’t got anything in mind for next week’s haul yet, any suggestions?

Have a great weekend everyone, hope you enjoyed reading! :)